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Del Smith Design Build is a California-based construction company specialized in building and renovation for the hospitality, commercial and residential sectors. Del Smith Design Build is where elegance meets execution, creating buildings rich in character and quality.

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Few facts about our company

Our focus is on helping the clients become better acquainted with design characteristics that will enhance their business.
To do so, we focus on the following:
Project Management:

Project Management:

Using careful planning and budgeting, we begin each project with a detailed plan that includes the design/build process, quality control over all facets of the project, and careful code-compliance during each stage of completion. Del Smith Design Build will engage owners during the phases in the process to ensure all design and planning details are managed according to the clients needs.
Detailed Craftsmanship:

Detailed Craftsmanship:

Our solid team includes professional tradesman and dedicated employees, inspired by the opportunities each new project presents.
Project Completion:

Project Completion:

At the end of each project, we will work with clients to maintain a level of satisfaction in our work. If needs must be met for additional work or maintenance, we work with each client to create a mutual relationship to ensure long-term satisfaction of completed work.

Our Team

We operate our team with a deep foundation in project management, professionalism, and competency. Our team includes the following
  • Back office support: permitting, bidding, purchasing, contract management, schedule monitoring.
  • Site Supervision: constant daily oversight of all aspects of ongoing projects.
  • Sub Contractors: We only select highly skilled, well run and organized sub contractor teams. We have learned this is a critical component of a successful project, to be competitive in our pricing and accurate on tight timelines, this can only happen with companies who are well managed.

We are ready to make that perfect building that will change your life forever

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